Top Five Reasons To Begin Adult Education

How important is adult continuing education? According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, college graduates earn an average of 39 more than individuals that only obtain a high school diploma. The gap increases to 48 when high school graduates are compared to individuals with Master’s degrees. In addition to income adult continuing education provides several [...]

How Long Will It Take To Complete Your Continuing Education?

Many individuals choose to go back to school later in life to further their education. They may do this as a method of opening up more work opportunities, or just for personal enrichment. Whatever the reason for doing so is, the individual will receive some sort of benefit from the experience. The length of the [...]

Budgeting For Continuing Education: How Much Will You Need?

Once you have succeeded in getting a degree, you should look for employment in the area in which your degree qualifies you to work. After that success, you can begin to think about getting continuing education. By continuing education, the premise is that you are getting additional classwork in a school in which you already [...]