How to Arrange For Child Care While You Attend Classes

Often time’s adults with small children either go back to college to finish up a degree, or start their college education. Obtaining trusted and reliable child care is a primary concern for these parents.

Many college campuses now offer child care for the children of their students. This is an excellent option for parents while they are attending classes. Campus based child care programs have flexible hours, knowing that students may have classes and breaks throughout the day. The parents can relax knowing that their child is close by, this is always reassuring to a parent in case the child needs them.

Daycare centers may be a bit of a problem because of their hours and lack of flexibility as far as your college hours. A better option might be family daycare, a home that cares for other children. Family daycare will more than likely offer a more flexible hours and work with your schedule. Be sure to get referrals if you do not personally know the caregivers.

Another thing students with children requiring daycare may want to look into is financial assistance. Daycare grants, such as the Discretionary Support Fund, are available from colleges. Be sure to talk with your college administrative office about such funds.

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